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Returning to the world following a Funeral or Memorial

You’ve found out that someone you know has died. The shock and sadness sets in. You’re grappling with your feelings and your own mortality comes in to sharp focus. 


Your attention turns to their family.  How they must be feeling. How are they coping. How can you help…


You start reflecting on your own memories. Talking with others who knew them and were close with them. Looking at old photos, videos and messages.


On the day of the ceremony, you sit amongst the support and collective sadness of those around you. You’re saying your own words of farewell in your mind to the one you knew, loved and lost.


The ceremony ends, the wake gives you an opportunity to reminisce further. You feel ok. Then it’s time to go home and get back into your life.


...Yet there’s a heaviness.


How are you meant to go back into the world when someone you loved can’t?


Our advice is to ease in.

Honour how you feel.

Lots of self love - treat yourself to a massage, a facial, a delicious meal, a glass of beer or wine, chat to someone, or have a huge cry in the bath or shower - whatever is going to help you feel nurtured.

Take the time you need. Go gently.


If you feel you need further grief support, we can recommend someone for you.

We hope this helps. For further advice and guidance, feel free to reach out to us at

We’re here for you,

Nicque & Lillian

Funeral Directors & Celebrants

The Last Time Funerals

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