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The Ceremony

Ceremonies can be secular, in a Church or memorials.  They can be in a chapel, in a venue like a surf club or out in the open.  If you are having to plan a funeral, there is no need to rush your decisions.

At The Last Time, we are ceremony focused and have a vast and varied experience in all types of funerals, farewells, and memorial services. Cultures, rituals and the like. Our hearts are in ceremony. We believe that funerals are an important and healing step of the grief journey.

Whether you are having a church or secular service, or a small gathering in your backyard, we will guide and create a ceremony to honour your loved one. We have seen the most profound expressions of love and gratitude where there are just a handful of people attending, to the larger traditional services which have filled a hall or church.

There is a lot to arrange, and we are here for you to take care of everything, whether it be coffins, hearses, flowers, venues, photo tributes, service booklets, livestreaming.  We work with you and give the power back to families on making the decisions that sits right with them, for their person.

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