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What will be your song?

This morning Nicque was the celebrant at a funeral for dear Terence, who died 21 days short of his 78th birthday. The funeral came to us by our partner, Sydney Funerals, who know that should an opportunity arise at the last minute to make the ceremony feel just right, we need to roll with it and just make it work. So, thank you Scott.

Music is a healing power. The right song choice can open even the tightest closed heart.

Terence's family chose the song Scars in Heaven, by Casting Crowns, and they wanted to play it for the entrance. Nicque guided the ceremony format, taking into consideration the overall flow of emotion of Terence's farewell. I mean, we only get to do this once, and by moving ceremony elements around, we can make a world of difference to the overall 'feel' of the ceremony.

Nicque suggested they place the song later, during reflection time, when family and loved ones would come forward to the coffin to say goodbye to Terence. The result was a powerful, intensely emotional moment...very sad, but filled with LOVE.

The great Ludwig van Beethoven described music as "a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy"

Tears and song at a funeral create a poetry no words can describe, it's a poetry that can be felt in the heart.

Nicque's suggestion may have been a small last minute tweak, but the impact was far from small. That four and a half minutes will become a lasting memory for Terence's loved ones, a moment they can look back on with great love.

Rest in peace Terence.

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