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Our Team - Photographers

Kym Griffiths Funeral Photographer.jpg

Kym Griffiths - Funeral PhotOgrapher

Kym is an artist. She knows how to capture the moments that people share, without being involved in the moments herself. She is discreet, caring and is easy to work with. She tells stories with her pictures and her pictures really are worth a thousand words.

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AnNA - Funeral Photographer

Anna is a free spirit who captures moments. She works hard to stay in the background and lets moments unfold as if she wasn’t there. Her calm, relaxed, silently strong nature makes her a positive addition to your day. Her pictures speak for themselves.

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Megan Funeral Phtotgrapher Melbourne.jpg

Megan Aldridge - Funeral Photographer

Megan always feels honoured to be invited to take part in such personal gatherings. She is sweet and soft and she has years of experience capturing images with her keen eye and huge heart. She wants to help you capture your day and have memories to cherish forever.

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