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We are a collective of Funeral Celebrants and Funeral Photographers who work together to capture the essence of your loved one and their friends and family.

We always listen first. We meet with you and listen to your loved ones story. We love to facilitate this story time and it is best done with many family members or friends over many cups of tea or a few wines. This time is very emotional, photos are pulled out, favourite material items are discussed and found and memories are cherished.

After the story time, we discuss what you think the best farewell for your loved one will be. We work with you to design and create a ceremony that will capture your loved one during their funeral, memorial or burial. The ceremonies we aim to create are full of stories, silence, time for tears and even laughter. We allow families and friends to express their love for the deceased in the best way that suits them-because there is no rule book for grieving. This means family and friends may choose to take a lead role in the ceremony or just be a part of the experience, we are here to help navigate families and friends through this time.

In life we take photos of everything-moments, food, material things, events and the idea of taking photos at funerals is a relatively new one. We have found in the past that many heavily grieving people tend to miss many special moments during funerals, because this is the only way they can cope at the time. However, there are moments that shouldn’t be missed, so many hugs, looks of support, handshakes, group cuddles between friends and family, these moments are an outward show of love for the deceased. Our photographers mostly take photos before the funeral service, where all the best hugs happen. These compassionate artists are highly experienced at being unobtrusive and quiet, they go largely unnoticed, they don’t pose people unless asked, and they work out limits prior to the ceremony to ensure that everyone is comfortable in their presence.

Celebrants and Photographers may be hired individually or as a package, look at Melbourne Funeral Celebrants Page or Melbourne Funeral Photographers Page for more information on our beautiful team.

You never know when the last time with your family and friends will be all in the same place, so let us capture this moment with words and photographs for you to treasure for generations to come.

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